Helmet Bottleneck Preventing Fit


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I'm building a cosplay that is close to Jun-A266 with moesizzlac's files. I printed a small test piece for the helmet, but I found I could only put it on at 115% scale. I ended up printing and painting at that scale, but now I've come to realize that it is far too big. I want to return to 100% scaling, but I'm not sure how I would make it fit at that scale. Is there any way I could make the helmet fit?

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InfiniteBed if you make a cut along the rear neck gasket and then make that panel removable you'll likely be able to get the helmet on and off. Adding magnets or elastic strapping to bring it back into place when worn will definitely help.


Definitely recommend the removeable backing if the helmet will allow it to look seamless, did it with my Vb and it is awesome. No "big head" Syndrome to worry about! Make sure to invest in some small but sturdy magnets.
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