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I like to thank you guys. Everyone of you for making it possible for me to create the helmet I've always dreamed of. You guys answered my questions with no yelling for being a noob and stuff like that. So Thanks Everybody :D

So here it is! Complete and Ready to kick some ass.

Complete and Ready to kick some ass.


Me doing a crazy pose or something XD


Another View


Leaning on the wall cause my arm was tired :p

I never got to finish the armor on time for Halloween. But I wanted to build a helmet in the first place when I saw this site. I was inspired to build the armor when I saw Adam teabaggin a mountain of PS3s and wanted to do the same.
My costume idea I got came from someone in this forum, so props to him. I'm planning have the helmet :p and wear a Hawaiian shirt w/ shorts saying I'm on vacation (Master Chief on vacation)
You shall see me coming back to this site again...probably when Slyfo builds a Halo 3 ODST Pepakura. :D
So thanks everyone even you noobs out there :D

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Timmy2guns said:
I see hotglue. :D
What visor?
HJC gold iridium?
Yep it's hotglue, it was really hard to hot glue in the inside, so part of it is on the outside :p

And yes.
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Most excellent work, but in some places it looks a little rough.... The overall effect was amazing though, do as well on the armour and ur golden mate :), no joke

*sub note, I cannot post a new topic to show off my progress, the comp says i don't have permission, *crys*
Wow, the awesome Pepakura-based helmets keep coming. Awesome job man. I love to see people take cardstock paper and turn it into movie quality stuff.
Darthcalibar said:
Impressive. Most Impressive. Youve done an awesome job. How long did it take you all togehter?

Started Late August when I saw BlueRealm's helmet, I had to make one. So it was like 2 Months?
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