Helmet electronics - where do I start?

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This is something that's been really stressing me out, that I figure I should just try and figure out now before it destroys me and my project when I reach that point in my project.

Electronics - I have absolutely no idea where to start, and the most important thing I want to know is something I'm not finding any useable and easy to process information on. I saw a Help for Electronics thread, but it was locked and has been inactive for years, meaning any questions I have can't be asked there.

I was talking to some community members earlier and they gave some input, but aside from not being able to jot it down (that and both my memory problems and a series of overlapping conversations made it hard to keep track of stuff), I didn't have enough of an understanding of it (that said, I do appreciate the folks I spoke with kind of putting new concepts in my head).

From what I understand from my own research (because yeah, I have done some research, asked questions where I could, but there are pieces missing from this puzzle), there are some things I'm going to need, those being:

- A power source
- A microphone/speaker
- Cooling fans
- A means to be able to hear other people clearly while the helmet’s being worn

The issue I'm having is that I don't know where to start for those pieces, along with the wiring and switches that would connect them all and make them function. I guess to make things simple, I would highly appreciate some part recommendations and/or any videos you guys have used (or have made) on how to put it all together.

And as note, you don't need Fans, speakers, hearing assistance, or power banks in your helmet.
I didn't have fans in any of of my Halo helmets from 2007 to around 2019, and even then, I just used one of the many, many pre-made set ups available on Etsy: UkswrathsSpeciality - Etsy and I have never ended up using a speaker or any kind of "Hearing Assistance" system.
Per our discussion on Discord yesterday afternoon, here are some of the options for amplifying your voice.

Most folks do not have the actual speaker or amplifier incorporated into their helmet, due to space and feedback issues. Rather they wear a headset microphone, wired or unwired, and that goes to the amplifier/speaker that they have somewhere else on their body. A lot of Mandos put it in a belt pouch, and a lot of 501st guys will mount it behind their chest plate. The center portion of the ODST chest plate that is raised out is a good candidate for a spot to mount the speaker.

Most folks will recommend an Aker amp, but like Band-Air and Kleenex that it is a brand name that has become synonymous with the item.
Amazon has an amazing variety of these types of personal Amps that range in price from $70 for the name brand Aker to around $30 for the countless knock offs and bootlegs:

Most of these will come with a simple wired microphone, but you can always buy yourself a wireless or blue tooth Mic that you can wear, or some folks simply mount directly inside their helmet with Velcro or just gaffer or duct tape.

Hi Cody,
I can't help you with the amplifiers or microphone(s), but I do have some experience with fans and stuff ;)

I'd recommend using super silent 3d printer fans. If you get good ones (like creality), they're quiet enough you can still hear and talk to people around you without needing amplifiers to hear them. I usually use 12V fans, combined with 2 rechargeable 9V blocks (one in use and one for spare). The Back and sides of the ODST helmet give you enough room to store the batteries. The cables simply get stuffed under the padding.


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