Helmet fans size?

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Hey everyone

Just got a very quick question.
Can anyone tell me what size fan are you guys with a casted helmet using??
I have a master chief mk7(?) helmet cast in smooth on 300 and I need to add a fan in there. I have just ordered a 30mm x 30mm x 10mm fan to go in the mouth area but the fan is so small, I can't really feel it blowing. I was just wondering if you guy have simular size fan and it actually works?

Here's a photo of my fan (not fitted yet)

I think I might be able to get 35mm to fit in there but not sure if the 5mm will make much difference


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yeah like ferret said, i personally only used one fan but it was a bigger one. I dont remember the dementions of it. But i have a picture posted in my first thread with it. the only problem with it was that sometimes my facial hair would touch it. But i know i have seen plenty of people use two fans about the same size as yours on either side of the face. Like around where you have that toggle switch placed and then on the opposite side. Maybe try that and see if that helps :) that or get a bigger one if you think it will fit.

Here is the thread and page. its post #129 just in case yo uwanted to check out the size of the fan
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