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ok so i downloaded the pdo. file for the MC helm ad pur everything together. soi keep hearing around the forums that there are different types of helms. So does anyone know which one i have so i know how to detail it?
It would help if you told us the file name of the PDO and where you down loaded it from. How are we suppose to know which Halo helm you are building?

There are file's out there for Halo 1, 2 and 3 permutations. Each one has its own requirements when it comes to detailing. For instance The halo 1 MC helmet is very deferent from the Halo 3 MC helm.

Also Just to save yourself from a lot of negative posts you should spell check and proof read your post. It is Much easier to help you if we can easily understand you. Welcome to the site.
If you downloaded it from the "How to use Pepakura to Make Mjolnir Armor" topic, then you have the Halo 2 Helm, which is what I'm doing. You'll need a good eye and you gotta plan to spend a decent amount of time on detailing for it.

If you went and got one from a topic, such as Slyfo, Dannifood4less, or Flying Squirl, you should be fine on detail except for some messups that may happen/extra detail that isn't on the model.

Hope this helps. =]
wow, we're all so harsh, even (especially) on the newbies. oh well. but still, you should give us some pictures, or the links where you downloaded the helmet.
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