helmet is the right size but

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(I've included my older 300 spartan helmet, which is exactly the size of my head made out of poster board and plaster, long before I even heard of this site)

I've finished my pepakura helmet finally, after much procrastination. It is absolutely the smallest size that I think could realistically fit my head (the diameter of the visor is equal to the width of my skull)

Except that be helmet is so damn long. From front to back it is like 2 lengths of my head. I know that is is an exact copy of the helmet featured in the game, but we all know that Master chief isn't anatomically correct.


(the 300 spartan helmet shows how long the helmet is compared to the actual length of my skull)

I've considered removing a polygon loop from the back (I highlighted in red) but I am just wondering if you guys might have any other ideas on how I can change the helmet to just be more realistic in it's shape. I spent 8 hours putting this damn thing together and I'd rather not just make a smaller one only to discover it doesn't fit at all.

Here is a photoshop of what it would look like with that edge removed. I would have to modify the back alot to make it match up.


Input on the matter is welcomed.
I havn't made any armor, but I've read enough to have a possible idea. The only thing I could suggest would be to fill the space in the back with foam or padding or something. I dunno.
well i have a long head and that is what saved me from redoing the helmet but hey its just the way it was made just pad till fit

now if you didnt scale that may be the problem too
Well I went through with it and It greatly improved the fit and cut of my helmet in my opinion. The roundness looks more natural. Pictures coming soon.



First I cut off the back like so, and completely removed the loop of polygons.


This image shows the improvement on my head shape. Now my skull will rest further back in the helmet without my ears being so far back.


here you can see I started to cut the edges and realign the faces. I feel like I'm modelling in milkshape again all those years back ;)


here you can see some of the realignment it took to get this to work. Sorry for the wierd line mess on one of the pieces. I actually printed this on the back of another helmet set of sheets that was the wrong size, I guess this piece got flipped around and double printed. I am holding all the new alignments in place with tape so I can make minor adjustments before I glue it. I used cut out folded pieces on cardstock on the back when I was finished (since there are no tabs)


here is the finished helmet. It's not perfect, but it's a big improvement I think, the helmet is much rounder and feels way more natural.

If you have any more questions on how to do with on your paper helmet, let me know.



SORRY! I forgot to resize the last to images making them MASSIVE. I've re uploaded smaller versions.
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