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Just a quick question, did anyone make their helmet inside out? like the numbers are on the inside and the white's on the outside? That's what I've been did, and I'm just curious if it's going to effect the fiberglassing or something of the like
well you just made a mirror image, but since the helmet is pretty much symmetrical, it doesnt really matter. dont do that for the other pieces, because if you do that with (for example) the biceps, youd get the front in the back and the back in the front. wait... never mind... i think... ooohhh my head hurts now :) :)
some people just think that way, its cool if you do it that way for the whole thing if it works for you,, basically if you do that to a "right" leg or arm, it becomes the "left" side. its the same thing as a mirror image.. some peoples brains just work that way i guess.. lol
I did that too. It's excactly the same. I just folded valleys as valleys and mountains as mountains, and that's how it turned out.
darkesword2020 said:
Take pictures and post them here.


I would, but sad thing is: I don't have a camera :eek:
Ayup, it's the right shape and everything, just inside out it seems...
but yea, so it wouldn't really matter at all; it's just gonna be a mirror image, correct? huzzah, now I don't have to make another one :D
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