Helmet progress

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Well, I didnt know fiberglassing was so frustrating, for my first time it was, I got the stuff all over my hands (gloves) and the paintbrush kept sticking to the gloves, lol, but i finnally got it done. Not the best looking job but it will work...i might need another layer im not sure yet.
I saw where some places on it the fiberglass didnt stick to the paper even with all the resin i used and left bubbles :/ not sure what to do about that since it has pretty much dried and cured now. Any help on that would be appreciated!!

Well here are the three pics i got. Ill have better ones now that I have a decent camera to use,

Before resin and fiber glass...


After, luckily the helmet didnt warp :D

Sorry for the crappy pics but it all i have at right now, hope fully i can get better ones :/

Just one question it, when i sand the resin, if i need to do it since im going to about bondo the entire thing to get what i want, do i sand it down to the fiber glass? or can i just let it sit and start with the bondo and smooth that to what i want?

You don't have to sand away the paper. I mean, at parts the paper might get sanded away because of smoothing (because pep has such hard angles), but there's no reason to get rid of the paper inside completely.
Yeah you don't have to sand the paper. Just apply Bondo on top. But I did sand off any hot glue bumps or resin chunks off the outside. For next time, to prevent air bubbles from forming due to the fiberglass not sticking to the paper, glue all the fiberglass cloth or mat to the inside of the helm before resining. My favorite glue to use is Krylon spray adhesive.
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