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Sorry guys I know what its like to be on a forum and get a bunch of newbie questions but here goes it. My fiancée and I are tryingto make a helmet right now. We have the thing cut out and glued together using high temp hot glue and I am getting read to apply a coat of resin. Before I go ahead with that though I was wondering how people sectioned off there helmets? Now the helmet modle is set up to kinda hug the neck at the base, so obviously as one solid piece your not going to be able to fit your head in to put it on, so where do people "brake" the model? I've read some references to people making their helmets in 2 or 3 sections that can come apart, and I understand the visor being one but what are the other two? Also what do you use to secure the two pieces of helmet together without there being an obvious seem? Thanks for any help you can give.

From 'The Ultimate Pepakura FAQ':
6. My helmet is too small. Why can't I get my head through the neck? etc

Cut off the MC's neck/ make it hinged or your perfectly scaled helm will not fit. Think about it, is your neck as big around as your head?

If you cut out some of the neck, you should be able to get the rest of the helmet on fine. You shouldn't have to do anything as complicated as splitting the helm up :).

I did mine like this, but you should do yours however you need to get it to fit.

Everyone's dome is different so you may need more or less cut then shown in the pic.

Also, here's a thread with some pictures (at the end of the first page I believe) where someone else was discussing ways to cut the neck pieces. -View Thread

Hope that helps ya Chris,

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You could also cut the bottom peices around the neck in half, take half of each off then it will go on easily.
Lol, careful though. I cut off too much and now I have to put some of that crap back. I may just try to find some black rubber and make a little "underbrim" instead.
Hehe, the pep giveth, and the pep taketh away.

Yea do a lil bit a time like Boomer says :p

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