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Big Helmet

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Apparently I didn't look enough and didn't scale it. :oops: I'm completely new at this so bear with me.
Im thinking of starting all over again and scale it this time and cutting it and putting it together was also a pain for me especially cutting with the X-Acto Knife. I was just wondering if theres any way to make it any easier to cut in any a faster and also less painful way >.> All I have is the X-Acto Knife so is there any other supplies I could get to make it easier.

Heres some picture links of me and the helmet. Does it look too big to you? Sure does to me :p




Yes I have a small body :p
I hate to say it, but it sorta looks like a bobble head. But nice job on the helmet itself!
Well I'm sure it is perfect for your head size, assuming you pad it so it functions as a fake helmet :p Don't forget that it's not supposed to be the size of your head, but bigger, and that it will look better when you wear armour. Which actually brings me to a question......what about the rest of the armour? I mean it couldn't possibly be one size fits all, so how would I go about scaling something like that? How am I supposed to put this armour on once it is built, does it just slip on? Who designed this, and was this designed for them specifically? Answers are appreciated.

P.S. I'm not British, it's just fun to say armour :p
pafford09 said:
well the pep files are straight from the halo 2 game so the modelers at bungie made it
so specifically how tall was master chief?
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BDawgPHD said:
sweet lord, I'm gonna need a scale :) although maybe my head was the same size as his :)
i hope not. if it was, your head would look like... a bobble head.
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You don't even need a poll for this one. Heh, hate to say it, but you're gonna have to start all over again. :cautious:
Re-do but id still keep it. since it is so big you get lots of practice working on it before doing the finalized product.

on a side note friendly that is the best signature ever. "you don't understand! thats the most cruel and foul tempered rodent you ever set eyes on he's a killer!" "oh don't be dumb" "he'll do you in a treat" "It's just a rabbit!" "he has huge fangs!, he can leap about....look at the bones!!!" "Go on boares chop its head off" "right! one rabbit stew comming right up!" "look!!" "eek" "ahhbrlg" *dunah!!!!* "Jesus Christ!!" "I warned you, but did ya listen? naww you just said it was a rabbit, well I always warn them but they never listen I warn em and warn..." "oh shutup!!!"
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