Help Finding Parts


Good evening everyone,

I am looking for some templates for some future suits. I have always been looking for a Reach ab section, Mk7 ab section, as well as the Reach robot arm template. I would prefer foam but would take anything at this point. Thanks for your help!

Hio! We do have those resources!

WandererTJ I believe has made a reach ab wrap pepakura file as mentioned in THIS TUTORIAL by pipninja. I hope by tagging TJ he will be able to send the file along to you.

Spidermonkey60 has made the mkVII ab wrap pepakura file. You can find it attached to the bottom of THIS POST IN MY BUILD THREAD.

As for the Robot arm, I'm not sure of a template floating around, but I know KitKatGoose has made a kat suit with the robot arm. You can see how she made it in THIS POST IN HER TUTORIAL.

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