"Help!" for: Armor Mounting / Costume Assembling

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by 23Magnum, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    This thread will contain general first hand knowledge of how to mount your armor pieces, assemble costumes, and other need to know stuff after basic construction is completed with the finishing process begun or finished as well.

    People who don't know: Post questions.

    People who know: Answer those questions.

    Please be as clear and detailed as possible with your questions and/or answers. Repeated questions or variations of certain questions may be consolidated over time into an FAQ section in the post following this one.

    Always ask and answer questions as if you were asking/answering your mother or grandmother. In other words, politely.

    Rudeness and/or impatience will be met with an infraction. You don't want too many of those.

    These threads are meant to reduce and hopefully eliminated the need for the numerous 'I need help threads' that seem to generate endlessly in this section of the forum.

    They are not a be all, end all to all questions that could ever be asked though. Some questions will be project specific and you may need to ask those IN the project's thread itself. However, some may not see your questions there so you may post a link to said project thread in the appropriate "Help!" thread when you need the attention of a few extra eyes.
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  2. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    FAQ Section:
  3. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Tutorials that involve this thread's subject matter and are approved by the site staff will be linked in this post. Please review them as they may already contain the answers you seek.

    Tutorial Section:
  4. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    dont know if this applies to this section- but can i get a brief but complete visor for mark 6 tutoiral? thanks.
  5. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt

    Ok, maybe I misunderstand your thread's intentions, but I'm gonna ask my ? here and if you don't like it, you can move it. I'm actually refering to the pic in your avatar; how did you get all the armor pieces to fit together so well? Most particularly the shoulders? I got my ODST on shoulder straps and a make-shift belt of sorts, but am having issues making it accurate. Any suggestions, helps, pointers, or comments?
  6. Chantelle

    Chantelle Jr Member

    I've posted this in another thread that was one of those individual "i need help!!" threads, but am quoting it here for anyone who needs the reference.

    For pauldrons (shoulder pieces) I usually secure them to either (or to both) the rerebraces and breastplate. The rerebrace will act like a strut holding the pauldron up and the breastplate acts as a pivot point. I usually screw or use snap fasteners to secure the pauldrons to the breastplate, but for the rerebrace I usually use military clips (depending on your suit, this may be visible and mightn't be the best option).

    I've found joints are usually the most problematic places, especially if you want freedom of movement.
  7. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt

    Yup! Definitely.
  8. Shaymin Sky

    Shaymin Sky Well-Known Member

    I got a big one. In pieces that are really big, such as a chest; that you can't put on as a whole; how would you divide that piece and strap it together?
  9. Chantelle

    Chantelle Jr Member

    I divide pieces based on the shapes I'm working from (ie, if you have groove shapes in your armour, I break it on the grooves so that there's no impact on aesthetics). I had one chest piece that I broke into two smaller pieces cut along the patterns that were already in it. Then I did my jigsaw trick again but at the top of the two pieces near my neck, with a deeper hole drilled in, slotted them together, and slipped a painted dowel with a little head on it into the drilled hole. I'll draw a rough diagram to try make this make sense...
  10. Roadkiller

    Roadkiller Well-Known Member

    For Canadians who find that prices on nylon or polyester strapping, "velcro", buckles, etc look great from US sites until you have to pay shipping, duty and what-not, check out these guys:


    They are a marine supply company located in Ontario, and have a good selection of the materials needed to strap up your armour. They also ship to the US.
  11. JohnRansom

    JohnRansom New Member

    i know i spelled tutorial wrong. But i seriously need to know, my suit completion deadline is only a month away.
  12. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    JohnRansom - There is a tutorial already on the forums for that...try searching for something like "dual layer visor tut". That should get you started.
  13. LMNOspartan

    LMNOspartan Jr Member

    Greetings everyone! Since halloween is approaching, as is the near end of my odst suit, i was wondering if any of you had any tips or even better, instructions for strapping it all together (hopefully without a vest)! Like the chest stomach and side stomach plates appear as if they would be hard etc.

    Today i just got pants (just normal black cargo ones from wal-mart and my dad said he had a good shirt so i'm pretty good to go. THe only thing left i need, at least i think is actual straps and buckles...which i think they have at wal-mart...just not the one i was at.)

    Thanks a million!
  14. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    Everyone always uses nylon strapping and backpack style buckles to snap the armor together, if you seperate the armor at the right places and if you glue each side of the buckle to the underside of your chest piece for example you armor should snap together without leaving a big gap in the armor where it joins.That goes for Master Chief armor as for ODST armor strapping I would talk to Sean Bradley to get information on how to strap it as he has the best strapping I have seen.
  15. LMNOspartan

    LMNOspartan Jr Member

    OK awesome! Thanks a lot! I'll order some strapping soon (or check wal-mart lol). And I'll try to get ahold of Sean Bradley via pm (idk if they are up yet) or email!

  16. rumble

    rumble Member

    For the ODST suits in particular, a molle vest makes life a whole lot easier if you can find one in your price range. You literally just slide the torso (front and back) and shoulders on. As long as your molle job is good, you don't have to worry about things sliding around and getting funky while you're wearing it.
  17. J326


    What type of foam padding do people get for the inside of the armor to help it sit on their body? Like the gauntlets and greaves leave me with plenty of space around it and I want to fill them in. Any suggestion on the filler i should be looking for and where to get?
    Also I found Tubular Nylon Webbing on ebay and Nylon Heavy Webbing and Polypro Webbing Strapping, so what's the difference and which one should i get for armor strapping?
  18. rasello

    rasello New Member

    So i think i've got a legitimate question.

    i've tried my best to dig through the forums for the answer but i can't seem to find it! Any tips or pointers on how to mount a handplate or whatnot to a glove? Does it effect the outcome based on if the gloves one of those hard stich ones or like the softer ones? If i'm in the wrong thread please re-direct me to some useful info.

    Thanks! = )
  19. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Magnets, Velcro, glue (at least hot glue, or better yet, an epoxy based one), stitching, straping - whatever you can thing up. The possibilities are endless there :)
  20. rasello

    rasello New Member

    hmmm...magnet's sounds like a really fun idea! Thanks Ventrue, maybe seom neodymium's glued to the gloce and a couple rondo-ed to the underside of the handplate? My brain's on full blast now.

    Thanks again = )
  21. Nintendude

    Nintendude Well-Known Member

    For padding I use the padding you can find in the wal-mart craft section or at a craft store that would be 1/2 inch or 1" thick foam sheeting.
  22. DR4296

    DR4296 Jr Member

    Yep, with Halloween quickly approaching, this topic is on my mind heavily too. Even more so, because our local Halloween festival is the weekend BEFORE actual Halloween.

    Two years ago, I built a Robocop costume from scratch (you can browse through images of it in the directory at http://www.davidraasch.com/images/robo ), using reference photos only. I built it out of significantly light-weight materials: posterboard, craft foam, and those plastic "for sale" signs you can buy at WalMart. (I didn't know about this board's existence at the time. Used ideas from cosplay.com and robocoparchive).

    Back then, I used sets of suspenders (cut up), old belts, and the kind of Velcro that has is "industrial strength" and has a sticky-backing (which I bought from a local craft store). This worked fine for keeping the shoulders and upper-arms on.

    However, when it came to keeping the thighs "up", belts and sticky, strong velcro just could not "cut it". After an hour or so, the gluing on the back of the velcro started stripping off of the leather belt. A friend of mine and I determined that it was the back-and-forth action of the thighs, rotating at my hip bones, which was causing too much stress on the Velcro connection. Only one leg was experiencing the problem at first, so he busted out a rivet gun and riveted the belt-and-velcro back into place. This worked nicely for the rest of the night. (However, an hour or so later, the other leg failed... and I was at a costume contest without my friend or his rivet gun. I STILL took first place, even while trying to hide the fact that one of my thighs was slipping off every few seconds.)

    So, I probably need to research riveting a bit and figure out how to do it properly on my own.

    Now, regarding connecting the chest and back: I had tried using very wide (4 inch?) strips of velcro on each shoulder. Did some test runs with my duct-tape-dummy wearing the armor. The two pieces of velcro on each shoulder would start separating from each other after a while on their furthest ends. So.... I went back to the craft store and bought... snaps. Added those into the Velcro and the layers of posterboard / foam / plastic that were underneath.

    This did manage to stay to attached for me for several hours at a time, but the velcro seemed to still "want" to separate. I had the feeling that the sheer weight, plus the curvature, of both the chest and back were contributing to that problem.

    I'm telling you all that background because I thought perhaps that info might help somebody. But I do have a concern:

    So, here we are this year. I'm building War Machine. And now I'm using the "rondo" method / fiberglass resin + bondo. Heavier stuff. This has me very concerned about how I'm going to connect the chest and the back this time.

    I read earlier in this thread about the person who drilled holes and used bolts to connect the chest and back. I'm wondering: Are you putting the nuts UNDERNEATH the armor? I mean, I'm wondering how you put this on / take this off ? It sounds like you're trying to make the bolts blend in, which sounds great. But I'm thinking that you must have some padding between those nuts and your shoulders. Plus, you must need a lot of help taking this on and off ?

    I was thinking on going with a hinge system, but honestly, the bolt method sounds less likely to fail. I'm assuming you use some rather large washers, to help distribute the tension?


    -= Dave =-
  23. Shadowshail

    Shadowshail Member

    A little twist to the chest strapping question...

    Alright, I am planning to go to a huge Halloween party this year and i have all of my pieces done, the problem i have now is when i wore it for launch night i had my brother just spend a couple hours attaching "Industrial Strength" velcro to my body and the pieces and it held for a while, but eventually the sticky backing came off.

    Now i made all my pieces to pretty much "Fit" my body and so it was nice and tight. My chest piece i split in two like any normal person would do but if i hinge the top my head will not fit through the hole! That and a lot of my pieces are really tight against my body so when i flex any muscle it puts pressure on the velcro, or whatever i would use. What would be the best way to strap these pieces? And any help with strapping the cod piece would be great too cause that started coming off before anything else and i did not plan on changing out of the costume till after i got back home.

    Here is my facebook album of the armor and a little of the individual pieces.

    Thanks for the help in advance!
  24. Chantelle

    Chantelle Jr Member

    Here's the rough diagram I promised explaining what I wrote.

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  25. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    Awesome drawing :)

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