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"Help!" for: Papercraft or Pepakura

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by 23Magnum, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    This thread will contain general first hand knowledge of papercrafting and/or pepakura.

    People who don't know: Post questions.

    People who know: Answer those questions.

    Please be as clear and detailed as possible with your questions and/or answers. Repeated questions or variations of certain questions may be consolidated over time into an FAQ section in the post following this one.

    Always ask and answer questions as if you were asking/answering your mother or grandmother. In other words, politely.

    Rudeness and/or impatience will be met with an infraction. You don't want too many of those.

    These threads are meant to reduce and hopefully eliminated the need for the numerous 'I need help threads' that seem to generate endlessly in this section of the forum.

    They are not a be all, end all to all questions that could ever be asked though. Some questions will be project specific and you may need to ask those IN the project's thread itself. However, some may not see your questions there so you may post a link to said project thread in the appropriate "Help!" thread when you need the attention of a few extra eyes.
  2. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    FAQ Section:
  3. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    Tutorials that involve this thread's subject matter and are approved by the site staff will be linked in this post. Please review them as they may already contain the answers you seek.

    Tutorial Section:
  4. jtbaker999

    jtbaker999 New Member

    I keep clicking on the Pepakura Files and it keeps bringing me to a page that says "COMING SOON", does this mean that the website is broken and will be fixed soon? I'm really excited about starting to make my own armor so I hope its fixed soon if its broken.
  5. CampGroundHost

    CampGroundHost Jr Member

  6. spags

    spags New Member

    how does pepekura and papercraft work?
  7. Boba Fett

    Boba Fett Well-Known Member

    for an in-depth look, go to the pep and cardboard armor section.
    the top posts of this forum will give you all the info you need. Essentially, you are taking a 3d model, running it through a program that converts it to flatpatterns, print it, assemble it, coat it in resin for strength, fiberglass it to make it rock hard, add bondo t smooth it, sand it,paint it.
  8. hollywood

    hollywood Member

  9. Jester1014

    Jester1014 Well-Known Member

    Thank you so much For Posting this HOLLYWOOD. All my answers for pep and scaling have been answered.

    Like the Visitors from heavan, They came Forth! Hallayuyah!
  10. darkjapan

    darkjapan New Member

    Hi Everyone,

    I would wondering if i could get some help with my pepakura. When I made my pep armor It kinda disintegrated on the corners, making it very flimsy and doesn't really look like its worth resining because if I'm going to spend all that money on resin, bondo and paint I want it to look better than a blob. Any tips or tricks would be appreciated as this is my first armor and I really want to get it right.

  11. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    What do you mean by "disintegrated"?

    Maybe a heavier paper would help?
  12. darkjapan

    darkjapan New Member

    It isn't very crisp. The edges seem to be very rounded despite my best efforts. I use 110lb card-stock, is there a heavier type that's white?
  13. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how much 110lb is, because I think and breathe in metric units ;-)
    But 110lb should be around 200 g/m². If you go any heavier, your printer might not like that.

    I still don't have a clear picture of what you mean, maybe you should add a picture.

    Did you make nice, clean folds?
  14. Ral Partha

    Ral Partha Sr Member

    You need to score your folds. Read this tutorial. While you're at it, read the other tutorials, too.

    Yes but anything heavier than 110# may likely jam your printer.
  15. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member


    I am a old member but I am having someone pepa WETA odst for me. I am trying to find out what the "standard" scalling is. I Am going to mold and cast it when its detailed and done and I want it to fit all who buy one. So, What scaling would be good for this helmet? (at 100% scalled printing) Thanks,

  16. Scydon

    Scydon New Member

    for once am callin my self a noob lol....... How do u scale your body to be able to make the armor fight right? ( my friend and i are gonna start making armor this weekend ) hope am posting this in the right area.
  17. Hickeydog

    Hickeydog Well-Known Member

    Down in the bottom right corner of the Pepakura program, there are 3 dimensions. This will tell you how tall, wide, and deep the assembled piece will be. Have your friend take detailed measurements of your body, and then use that to make a guesstimate of how big you need the pieces to be.

    In Pepakura Designer 3, go to 2D Menu-Change Scale-Scale Factor. Enter your guesstimate on how big to make it, and then add 2cm to that. Print, cut, score, assemble, and see if it's too big/small/just right.

    You will screw up the scaling occasionally and have to re-pep something. For my suit, I ended up pepping 2 helmets, 5 shins, 3 chests, and 3 belts because I got the scaling wrong.
  18. Scydon

    Scydon New Member

    thank you. might have more question latter on this but i think i have the general idea i think lol
  19. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    You don't scale (=make bigger or smaller) your body, you scale the armor :-D

    Basically, there's no way to really ensure a good fit before printing. You just have to try, and if the size is wrong, adjust the scale and try again. However, you might just get it right the first time, if you measure your body and then scale the different parts to a size that seems reasonable. The key here is thinking about it, instead of just stupidly copying numbers from somewhere. Keep in mind that your body parts have to fit inside the armour pieces, so if your arm has a diameter of 10cm, scaling an arm piece to 10cm width (hint: the actual dimensions are much more useful than the scale factor here) won't work. Instead, the whole in it has to be 10cm wide, plus some space for padding. Take other properties into consideration as well. A helmet, for example, that fits around your head like a glove, might have an opening that is too small to actually put it on. Or you might have a record-breaking nose that sticks out the front, preventing you from putting in a visor.
  20. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member

    Can someone please answer my question (Sorry if I sound pushy but I need it by tomorrow) Thanks,

  21. Nijake

    Nijake New Member

    There is no such thing as "Standard" scaling. Each suit is custom scaled to the person that's going to wear it. The only way you could sell these is if you had the person take detailed measurements of themselves or have them meet you so you can scale it properly. Also: Next time, try to ask more than a day in advance of when you need something.
  22. 23Magnum

    23Magnum Well-Known Member

    JBetts - No one knows what you mean by "standard" scaling as there really isn't one. When working with pepakura, scaling is done to fit each person and the "one size fits all" approached does not usually work unless all of your subjects are approximately the same size. If you're having someone create the pep files for you, perhaps you should work with them about the sizing concerns. This is really the best answer you're going to get as you've not be very specific or detailed in your form of questioning.
  23. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks man. I have poor knowladge of pepakura scaling because I do mostly sculpting and scratch work. Thanks!
  24. Scydon

    Scydon New Member

    ok am back again....... In Pepakura with the scaling of the body my friend and i are gonna try to make a helment, with the hight, width, and deepth how would we go about measuring. we just measure out head right but in a way how do u go about doing that... is there a video on this and can some one give me pointers? just tryin to get everythang straight befor print ( i know it wont be perfect the first time but tryin to get an understanding on how to even measure the body befor trying... Ty for your time ...Scydon
  25. ventrue

    ventrue Well-Known Member

    It works like measuring your body height, except you don't measure from the ground to the top of your head, but you put the front, back and top of your head onto some surface (wall, table). Just make sure to measure perpendicular to that surface and from the lowest to the highest point. Please don't tell me you couldn't have come up with that on your own :)

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