HELP! H5 help needed!!

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Hey guys! So I just bought an xbox one and Halo 5...Turns out, I'm terrible at halo 5!

The fact that I just bought an xbox one and I'm not used to the xbox one controller probably isn't helping, but I need assistance!
My aim isn't bad, but it could be better. How could I improve it? What sensitivity should I use? I've played some of the campaign on Heroic; hasn't really helped much...

What are the most common gameplay strategies?

Right about now, I'm open to most suggestions. I've seen Luke the Notable's YT channel, and while it has helped, I'm not really doing well.

I expected H5 to be similar to H4, but BOY I was wrong. I was really, really good at H4...but Halo 5? no way. I want to be a competitive player, but I am trash at this yeah, I ask you kind people for assistance...for a noob. :)

Thanks guys.
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Wow dude, request for help in 2 locations? Give people a chance to answer first. So the first thing to do is to get accustomed to the new controls. Try to play one of the Xbox 360 games that is compatible. Just to get the feel of the controls. Then move on to other games like H5. I myself haven't played it yet, cheap SOB that I am. Don't have it yet regardless. It will take some time, but you'll get it. Practice and be patient.


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well, I put it in the wrong location...this thread does not really belong in the off-topic subforum.

I'm generally good at Halo and I understand the controls of this game, but the gameplay is so complicated that you have to think about every single decision. I'm good or at least decent at most other Halo's so that's not a problem. It's this foreign gameplay style...I'll definitely take your advice, though.

I still have my 360 BTW. So back-compat is not an issue.

Thanks, DD! Good advice...I'm usually not patient when it comes to shooting people. :lol: I'll be patient now, though.

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Took me some time to get "ok" at 5. There's a lot to learn with spartan abilities and such. I still have horrible aim tho so that's 1/2 my problem and there's a lot of settings to play with. I'll check but I think I just bumped the sensitivity up 1 or 2 points. I would play a lot of war zone to get a feel for it. And beat it legendary :p Maybe we can do some co-op sometime I have a few co op achievements to get still


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It takes time to get used to it. My suggestion: go into warzone firefight, it will help you get used to the weapons and vehicles as well as the REQ system. do heroic only though. You can also go through the campaign. What I do is mute the volume on the TV and plug in my gaming head phones. It helps with the surround sound like I'm actually in the game. You can also go into Action sack to just have fun and it may help you get closer to better. Action Sack is pretty much a bunch of mini games in a playlist. You don't always have to aim down sights with weapons, except snipers and hydra lock on. Aim down sights is actually referred to as smart link in the game (I think.)
Use ground pound when you are undetected, above the enemy, and have a clear path to kill the enemy or enemies. It has an area effect so if you hit them head on, they die, if you pound close to them, it will at least take down their shields. Spartan Charges are a great way to take down shields when or without being spotted and then you can easily finish them off with a head shot or multiple shots to the body. Grenade is the Left tab from now on, Smart link is holding the left trigger down. Crouch is the pressing or holding the right thumb stick down. I think its a lock system or not, I can't remember. Left thumb stick is always sprint so just tap down and it looks until you slow down.
If you use the smart link while in the air, you will hover with your stabilization jets for a short period of seconds. When you take out an enemy's shields you get about x1.1 or x1.2 damage for a brief period of seconds. The enemy tracker can't sense non-moving objects or spartans, it also doesn't detect spartans that aren't moving a specific speed. This tip is rarely used however.

Prometheans now have armor instead of shields. break the armor, expose their weakness. Soldier's faces are weak spot even before they break, after the break a head shot ends it all. Crawlers still head shots are an instant kill. Knights have 2 spots on each side of their abdomen, glowing circles to be precise. If you shoot that spot enough it will break that side of the abdomen exposing a core. That core is the biggest weakness of the entire knight but most of the time you have to destroy both sides and the core would be completely and shoot it a bunch and the knight will fall.

Covenant: the back plate of hunters can come off completely exposing the worms. Shoot it a ton and the hunter will fall. Jackals now speak English and use their shields to melee enemies when they get too close. it is also pretty hard to shoot their hands when they are using their shields. Grunts speak English again and are still grunts.

The rotating fan or turbine under phaetons are always a weak spot and if you shoot it about couple hundred bullets or in unison with your team, it will be destroyed.

Scout hogs and warthogs are awesome to use for killing enemies via splatter.

If you want I can talk to my Clan's CO or leader and get you into our clan so we can help you get used to the game, warning: we do a lot of super fiesta (spawning with completely randomized weapons) and infection.

Oh yeah, the boltshot doesn't have the charge burst and shoots 3 bullets at a time, no concussion rifle, in order to use the effect of incineration cannon of halo 4 you need to charge it up and hold it until you unleash it, other than that its like the first fuel rod in halo and launches 2 or 3 projectiles, the fuel rod doesn't bounce of surfaces any more, no sticky detonator. For loadout weapons there are a bunch of mods and scopes that differ from each other. There are also armor mods that do different things, they cannot be switched out unless at a REQ station or while you are waiting for respawn.

Completing games and matches will get you REQ points which you can use to buy bronze packs, silver pack, or gold pack.
bronze has a chance at permanent unlocks (Armor, stance, emblem, assassination,Armor Mod, helmet, visors, loadout weapons w/ or w/o mods and with different scopes, and certifications- certifications means that you will get more of that weapon or vehicle in a pack, basically increasing the chances of receiving it.) Silver packs give you one common - rare permanent unlock along with some rarity based randomized single use items including weapons, boosts (speed, overshield, damage, and active camouflage) vehicles, and game boosts(increase XP or req points recieved by doing something like finishing the game, winning the game, scoring above 50% for something in the scoreboards, or it is just randomized.) Gold Packs Gurantee that it will get 2 permanent unlocks from common to Legendary or even Mythic along with a number of single use items. Mythic weapons say that they are ultra rare or legendary but have a tag with 2 stars and a Warzone Symbol. 1250 for bronze, 5000 for silver, and 10000 for gold. Sometimes 343 will release a featured pack that will cost a lot of req points but provide specific single use and specific permanent unlocks.

There is a bunch that has changed.

Give me a shout by sending me a message or a party invite if you have a mic and a headset. My Gamertag is StatedSneeze404. I should have sent you a invite already.

I would be happy to discuss anything you come across that you have questions for from the game, even while I'm playing. If I'm in a party just join or send a message asking to join. My friends would be happy if you joined us in game.
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