Help i wanna to make a master chief helmet

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i bought a dirt-bike helmet and bought some polyurethane plastic to mold the form but dnt know how??!! i saw u guys know everthing so please help. :shock:
Take a quick look around here and you'll find 100's of this identical thread, and if you need to theres a stickyed tutorial thread at the top. hope that helps you start up.

Hope Ben dosnt mind, but if you ask Ben hes got some sized up blue prints on the helmet and full suit.

Ya i think me and link are confused about the same thing? Are you making a mold from the dirtbike helmet? Or are you building on top of the helmet? :unsure:

I wouldn't sugest making a mold of the helmet. if you want to carve it I would measure A box the sizes of the helmet then add an inch on every side.


build a cardboard box hot glue all the seams and brace the sides. then I would mix Plaster and pour yourself a large block that you still be able to carve into and will remain workable for up to two weeks if you keep in in a cool shaded area. :lindsey:

And that you can make a mold from. and slush cast in liquid plastic or resin or something hard and strong like that. :eyepatch:
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