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My modem has been acting weird for a few months now but before it as just an annoyance like randomly disconnecting every hour or so for about a minute. But lately it's been disconnecting every ten minutes or so for about 5 minutes. We've had it for about 4 years. I know nothing about modems and my ISP sucks and won't replace it. Help please?
There isn't any FAQ for this modem. It was specially designed for my ISP. The closest I can get to a FAQ is this site that told me the Modem's default address so I can configure it, but my browser never seems to want to connect to it.
is it a modem or is it a router? what operating system are you running if you've upgraded to vista recently it may be being caused by vista's paranoid security settings, You could just buy a new router, as you say your one is 4 years old, its had a good run, maybe make a wireless network, lots of fun streaming movies from your computer to your 360 wirelessly. I wish I could help more, unfortunatly networking is a bit of a mystery to me.
Have you recently reset your modem to factory defaults?
If yes - enter to it's control panel and switch off UPNP feature.
May help.
This situation has happen to me twice now. The first time my cable splitter had degraded or something. The second time the technician just re-wired something to get the signal up. I suggest just calling customer support and troubleshoot it from there.
I used to have this issue, and it is the modem, after a while it becomes crap, you need a new modem, nothing else will fix it unless the cable wire to the modem itself is bad, ISP always replace modems for free since it's theirs, ask again, if not, buy one from them.
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