help me!!

i downloaded photoimpact 12 and recieved hundreds of virises!! plz help. Norton was crippled and it changed my comps settings making it impossable to fight back at all. this s my last lifeline. my last resort, plz someone help me.


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AVG is the best, I saved sooo many of my friends/familes PC when others have said reinstall windows.

If you have hundreds, you dont know if you got them all, I wouldnt risk a password stealing virus that isnt detectable, I would just reinstall, but if you have 1-2 viruses, I'd save the day with AVG free edition. But if you want to risk it, go ahead, as long as your PC runs fast again. I dont know what you mean by settings changed, but a virus scan itself wont save you, you'll need some registry software too, to change stuff back to original.

Plus, what the heck is photo impact? never heard of it, dont download crap software.


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AVG free edition has 10000000x more protection and is 100000x faster than nortons system works which COST money.


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The best antivirus is:
Your head, your hands, registry editor and good task manager. That's it.


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I have a nack for keeping my PCs alive. I actually have one that is ten years old and has never had a virus on it. Of course, she is retired, and I'm on my new laptop now.

Common sense is the best way to avoid a virus. Do some research about a program that you have never heard of, or seems a bit shady. Look for reviews of the app on the page you are downloading from, and look for reviews on the website that is hosting the file you are downloading. If there are a bunch of people posting, "This thing has a virus! I had to re-instal windows! ZOMG!", you best not download it. Heck, even if there is only one review that says that, you best not download it.

Also, I used Norton in the past, and now use McAfee. I must say it's like going from the Wright flyer to an F/A 22 Raptor.

I won't suggest going into RegEdit or messing with the registry unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing. I hardly ever mess with my Registry, mainly because I don't know it well enough, and there has never really been a need to do so.

I've been using computers for eleven years and have never caused a problem with the Family Computer, or my own. Follow the advice given by the guys above me, and my own, and you should be safe. Heck, McAfee just finsihed scanning my PC. 128185 items scanned, no problems detected. :)

P.S. Window's firewall is your friend! (Unless you have a Mac.)
finnally fixed. i crippled it first by shuting down its copying softwear then i destroyed it with spybot search and destroy!!

what a victory that was. ty you al for the firewalls too.

I reccomend spybot search and destroy for those 100+ probblems. its like chuck norris with spike boots and a plasma sword and the virises are cats