Help Needed. MK4 Scale


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First time post here and I am in need of assistance for my first costume. I plan to make the Halo Wars MK4 but I'm running into a scaling problem. I have Pepakura Designer but am not familiar enough with its functions to know how to scale it to my proportions. I'm around the 180-185cm in height so if anyone can do the math I'd really appreciate it.

If I've garbled this up let me know and I'll rephrase it better.


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Hey NobleSeven, first of all - welcome to the 405th! Unfortunately scaling patterns is a little harder than just adjusting for height - there are many factors to consider, especially since the game armour is designed for someone with unrealistic proportions. If you want to invest in a program for cosplay, check out Armorsmith - it'll allow you to take 3D models or pepakura patterns and scale them on an avatar tailor adjusted to you, then save them to print/3d print.

I haven't used this guide before, but here's one on scaling for Pepakura - hopefully it'll be of some use to you.
Good luck!