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Can any one help me with my signature? Ive been told to go to profile and then theres a place there to add one..but the only thing related to a signature is should i always show one/see them ... any help would be appreciated...thanks :)
Spartan-118 said:
Ahhh ty how long has it been broken b/c i join back in june and I didnt have the option then either?

ahhh nice avatar btw! Assasins creed? i really want to get that game :p
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Will i get banned if i say anything bad about halo or say i like a game more than halo? lol I mean halo<1> is my favorite game ever but I do like some of the new games that are comming out and halo 3 will alltimatly rule but... :shock:
Say whatever you want, unless the mods desend on your house in their jetpack-equipped ninja suits. then its bad.
Crysis looks cool makes me think of batman with guns. too bad only for pc tho. i was also wondering about the sig thing. i was going to update my progress.
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