Help or Tips with Building Halo2 MC armor

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Please don't flame me for not knowing -.-. I have searched google etc for printable templates and instructions on how to put cardboard together to make the whole suit. I got nothing. So if someone could guide me on how to make a sturdy MC armor ( and guns like the BR or Smg). Also if anyone knew certain paints and instructions on how to paint it. If someone could it help me it would be really cool =D. :D
Take a left turn on the internet, a right turn onto then a left click on the creation discussion forum.
There you will find the pepakura forum. Everything you need is in the stickies there.

Good luck with your project!
welcome to 405th, but to do what you are asking for you need to look on the site before you just post. That's what this site is for.
I don't recommend you do cardboard armor, because i've only seen 2 that were actually decent. SO i recommend looking into pepakura armor (here on the site) and read the stickies (pinned Topics) and for painting, don't even think of it until you know exactly what you're getting into, once you familiarize yourself with 405th then you will know where to look. I hope this helps.
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