Help wanna make a good free Mc armor

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ok so i'm 11 and i wanna make some good halo 2 or 1 armor but i can't get any of the stuff for pep i only have like the normal printing paper which i think you can't use and we don't have much cardboard around so any ideas?
I don't know if this will work but you might try to do it on normal paper and cover it in duct tape :\
there is no such thing as free armor... no matter which way you swing it, your going to have to pay something.

P.S. do you realize that really good armor goes for upwards of $3,000.00?
good != free

You might try the cardboard route, TastyBread did it for around $30 (just Google TastyBread and you'll find it). Do you get an allowance? Maybe offer to do extra chores for the cash? Otherwise, you're going to have to wait until you're older! Sorry, man!
one thing you can try is after using regular printer paper take some white glue and mix it with water until it is runny the take that and using multiple coats allowing time for each to dry strengthen the armor with layers of news paper
Yer, the muslin costs about a buck a yard at my local fabric shop, and I tried the technique so I can tell you with 100% certainty that it will work. Not as rigid as fiberglass, but if you don't want to work with chemicals, it's a cheap, reliable alternative. It takes longer to cure (36 hours at room temperature), but it's pretty strong for just being cotton and glue.

EDIT: Yer, totally forgot that you still need to resin the outside before you use the muslin.
some of them look good i like this one thought

quote:Muslin is extremely cheap, usualy around $1.50 a yard, but you can find it on sale often for less than a buck at most sewing/fabric stores. We use to do a similar trick for making knight's armor back in my theater days, by soaking felt in a white glue/water mix... Muslin over felt gives a very solid, smooth finished piece. You can use white glue mixed with flour as a finish coating to make it super smooth. Then just paint & seal as normal... A very old-school, non toxic way to make armor... smile.gif Not to mention extremely cheaper than glass & resin.

you still need resin though, and resin is around thirteen bucks, and extremely toxic. so i'm sorry bud, but unless you can covince your dad to spend around thirty to fourty dollars on this, this isn't the project for you, plus, you'll have a really hard time finding a scale factor, being that you're most likely smaller than the rest of us. good luck.
I wouldn't try to do any costumes until you're atleast 15-16 for several reasons:

You would outgrow your suit pretty soon

When you're older, you'd probably be more responsible than you are now, so I think your parents would trust you with resin and other toxic chemicals.
ya along with the others.. youde out gro it really fast.......wait till your 15 or 16 caus thats when growth slows down.. and to answer your other questin resin is to harden the suit and make it more durable
Devil2Dante said:
one issue though leading spartan i can't buy anything cuz my mom and dad will thinks it's a waste of money :oops: :mad:

Tell them their a bunch of un-artistic farts, who dont deserve to have an opinion :lol:
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