Help!! What do I do now??

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Im makeing a helmet and I printed the pepakura on plain white paper(oops) so Im going to reinforce it with cardboard. What do I do after? fiberglass it? bondo it? I really have no Idea.
lizander said:
how do I do that?? :mad:

oh, good lord, please try thinking for yourself and use the friggin search feature, there's a tutorial on it, search "fiberglass".
i'm sorry for my temper, but come on.
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You can leave the paper of the visor in for extra support while you resin and glass the rest of the helm. Remove the plain paper visor after everything around it is nice and sturdy.

You may find answers to other starting questions here:
General Q&A for Making Pep Armor

G'luck to ya :)
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