Help what kind of Bondo should I use?


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The question of the day will be if it works with fiberglass. The can that looks like this does, dunno if the household version does as well. Can't tell from the picture on Lowe's website, and they don't list in in the product details. I'd check the can first before you buy.


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Well.. where can i get some body filler form? can i get it at autozone? that is want i was thinking to use but dont know where to get some.


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The house repair bondo & fiberglass resin are exactly the same as the automotive label... The only difference is that the household putty has a different color creme hardner... One's grey, one's red. I'd hit Shucks, autozone, etc. though, as you can usualy buy the gallon size can for around $18...

I should have thought to mention it earlier in the fiberglassing threads, an old 'scifi-armorers' trick is to mix the bondo putty with the bondo fiberglass resin, I usualy use 1 gallon of putty to 2 gallons of resin, mix well, & you've got an awesome high impact surface coat, or even the entire glassing proccess. You use a shot of both hardeners ( the creme & the liquid), & it sets up into a hard shell in a few minutes... The putty addition makes the resin extremely less brittle. For thicker parts or reinforced interiors, I mix short-strand fiberglass 'chop' into the mix, then trowel or brush it into my molds.

I'll dig up & post some pics to clearify what I'm babbling about tomorrow... ;)