help with a cardboard helmet

blueteamdillan said:
can somone please help me with the helmet i got the arms and base of the cheast so all i need is the helmet and legs

what you talking about card board armour is made from skill unless you use pepkura and use cardboard for support but pretty much it really
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AoBfrost said:
Cardboard is pure skill, do stuff your own way, or else there is no tutorial for it.
I agree making things out of card board is a trial and error thing and does take real skill, Ive been making everything out of cardboard since I was a kid but now with the discovery of pep, clay molding casting its a whole new world and looks way better. so If I were you blueteamdillan just starting out I would use the pep and just practice, practice, practice.

check out my cardboard stuff on everything on there is cardboard so please dont ask me what it is made of
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