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    I'm trying to make a cosplay of Dr. Frannx and I'm having a difficult time atm using Spirit Gum to attach the face mask to my scalp. I'll be going bald to this con so I'm not worried about any hair that may be pulled. I've been trying to find a material that will help adhere better to my scalp. I recently purchased Pros-Aide "The Original" Adhesive medical level to attempt to see if this works but currently waiting for this to arrive in the mail. I'm reaching out to see if there is anything else I can purchase or do to make this mask stay on my head. I am planning on at least wearing this for 9+ hours as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated if more photos are needed I'll upload asap. Thank you.




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    I think you should glue abvb elastic string that wraps all the way around your head to the back of the hair and eyebrows. Maybe that will work. If that doesn't work ,getting it to stick with super glue might XD
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    Spirit gum might be having an issue with the paper mache inside of the mask. Try a test strip of 2mm foam with spirit gum sticking to your skin and see if that adheres. If everything goes well, add in a strip around the perimeter of the inside of the mask.

    I could see the foam getting torn up after a few uses if you don't use the remover when taking the mask off but craft foam is super cheap and it might be a case of repair by replace if it does.
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    Have you tried liquid latex? Look for some cosplay/ theatre supply shops.

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