Props Help with the next step of a grenade


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So I just finished this grenade and I wanna make it look realistic and everything and not easily torn so I wanted to ask you guys what I should do next because this is the first prop I ever made and have no idea what to do.


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Considering its craft paper, you'll probably want to fiberglass and resin it, afterwards applying bondo and smoothing it.


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The problem is that using only resin and then bondo on the outside will keep the prop fragile. If you drop it it will...not might...but will crack open. You need to use the same technique for regular fiberglassing items. Resin the outside to get it a bit hardened. Then you need to slice it in half and fiberglass the inside. Then reattach the halves using a strip of fiberglass to close up the seam and then you can bondo it. The hard part will be the outer look. All those raised square/circle pieces......You might conciser craft foam for those.