Helping Elmo out


Here’s some updates on work Erne and I are doing for Elmo. Marked areas with colored squiggles are possible color choices we are going to paint. The chest will also have a copper colored tree stenciled on the front. Any ideas to help make it pop?




Got a lot done on Elmo’s armor. The chest is completely done now. Magnets hold the chest piece in place while wearing, but I put elastic strapping on the outside for cosmetic effect. Which just also hold it in place. I used a oak tree silhouette on sticker printer paper to stencil the tree on over the copper then painted around it. Took the sticker paper back off at the end… and the results came out better than I’d hoped.

Found the grenades on thingyverse. But I hollowed them out for small storage if needed (plus less filament to print with. Lol). And they are in elastic rings that were hot glued to the chest. Grenades are removable too.

Was going for a titan knight esthetic from Elmo’s destiny 2 titan. He wanted it referenced off of his character. He gave me the colors and I went from there.

The complete set won’t be done in time for c2e2. But it’s come a long way.
91C384AB-2623-4AB7-8B10-FB9EBA5DC9F1.jpeg E31C2377-B9E4-4956-A155-5CD446EAEDFF.jpeg 879CA66E-9609-4F7A-9F58-5485CEF4C234.jpeg 1E42DB46-0FD6-441E-8144-E5C7EEA40FA0.jpeg 1DF06EC3-B261-4B8D-9F14-64CD320EFABB.jpeg 848F77A3-9D07-445A-9A05-04709A2E3FC2.jpeg 8B0AF525-C119-4FF8-BE8E-0F2BF8147E70.jpeg C4868D2E-8C30-40FE-BFAF-0D23EDE3FEC9.jpeg 86C6D9B8-F6EA-4368-B8A0-3C754C60E9D6.jpeg EA39C505-0A49-47FC-BE5F-71DFEC850B9F.jpeg E330FD24-7D27-4027-B245-A180F3D2A2D5.jpeg B4EF118D-6D54-44B7-899B-04F35B6EB15F.jpeg 032E36D3-F326-43F5-B5F1-D3CE9E5DDC4E.jpeg 3C10B324-B259-4972-A35D-32CAE2DBFEB3.jpeg
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