Here goes. Making Plastic Parts: Tutorial (coming soon)

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I'm presently working on a tutorial for making plastic parts. This will be the start of some video tutorials that show how to do this type of stuff.

I'll be using the clay, silicon rubber, liquid plastic technique.

I already have my clay models ready, and about to receive some silicon mold making material. I'll document step by step, firstly because it's a learning process for me, and secondly, I want everyone to learn with me.

I'm making two things:

- Halo 3 hand Armor. Plastic Casted, not vacuumformed.
- Halo 3 Side pouch, hip cases.

If it goes as planned, we'll see a whole series of these kind of tutorials. Most likely, they will be in a "premium" part of the site, if you know what I mean.

Thats great!!!

I was really hoping more people would start up their own tutorials!!!

I'm going to be making some new molds soonly, so I might try the video
tutorial thing too. I'll make sure to not overlap what you're covering.

:evil: on Premium... :)

well, it's just going to be the best way to keep this site progressing, and to offer the best information and tutorials. is the best site for Halo armor making on the internet, this will just kick it up a notch for the people who are more serious about it.

More options is ALWAYS better. :Steve:
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What kind of tutorials need to be done?

Sometime soon I'd like to try out a "lost foam technique" in which you build up whatever you're making out of insulation foam, cover it in in something non-permiable (like clear packing tape), lay down fiberglass matt or cloth, then melt out the foam with acetone to have a hollow fiberglass shell. I don't have the means to make a video tutorial, but I could always take pictures of each step.

It depends on if that's the kind of tutorial you guys want and if it works out and doesn't go disasterously wrong. :mrgreen: I've already got the foam form built and all the fiberglassing supplies. Just need to wait till I have time to sit down and get to it.
My hand armour is being made next, using clay for my mold, I'm a 3d art student so I'm used to clay which is why I chose it. I'm using fibreglass cloth + resin onto the clay mold.
i'm waiting for my supplies to arrive. smooth-on is kinda slow on the shipping.
got some stuff in, must do some trial runs, and then i'll get to video taping.
Nice, Video!
Yeah, I'm getting my fibreglass from a local car store since it's used for repairing car bodywork. I'm yet to steal the clay from school.
first test was a great success. The first video tutorial?

How to make a halo 3 hand Plate - or dozens of them!!!
Preview of what's to come:

Decide what your going to make, in this case, I made the hip cases on Master Chief's belt:


Grab yourself some oil based clay:


start shaping into what you need. Eventually, you should get a rough shape of what you're looking for.


Smooth it out, and don't even wonder about the casting/molding part until your sculpt is perfect!

Make a mold of your clay sculpture out of silicon:


Pour liquid plastic into the mold, and once it has hardened (20 minutes) or so, you get a perfect cast of your original clay sculpture, except in hard plastic! Make as many as you want.

I made two, one for each hip:




Anyone else need any hip cases?
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