here is an idea

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this is what im going to do when i get my armor supplies ready.

okay well I was wondering why aren't you guys trying to recreate your spartan armor i mean
the chief is cool in all but it would be awesome to make you character appear out of the game for once.

I know some of you will say
"but that sounds hard"
"i cant because one of my armor pieces haven't been modeled and transfered into pepakura"

Well thats fine start out easy it is okay but for the second example comment you can still make the other pieces.
Now for me i like a challenge and i like building stuff so im going to do this and stand out from the crowd of chiefs
and create my very "Spartan D32".
speak for yourselves, people do mke their armor and complete it.

Adam made some Red and White halo 2 armor and sold it for 21,000 dollars
the quality of a product in America is mostly based on the price, 21k for armor means it's good quality, people are willing to pay 21k for armor, that means that the armor must be good.

Sean Bradley

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The 21K was someone messing with Adams auction. The armor did not sell in this auction, but Adam sold it later to someone else for an undisclosed amount.

That 21K rumor has to be squashed... people think they're gonna get rich selling armor... and M$ is gonna drop the bomb.

Spartan 270

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Well, Im not exactly going to remake my entire armor, but I would make some parts from other permutations that could be attached and detached to my armor. The helmets though, will have to be built on their own.


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That's what I plan on doing :) although I don't have the Recon armor in-game, it's the one perm that I've liked from the very beginning... I'm still planning on doing all the perm pieces at some point and I'm sure I'll finally find an armor combination in-game that I actually like.
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