1st Build HereticPotatos' First Attempt at ODST

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Well. Here we go, we all have to start somewhere, right? Hopefully I'll remember to take progress pictures and update this for nothing if not my own records.

I've wanted to build an ODST set ever since DaFrontlineTrooper posted videos on making it 5 (FREAKING FIVE?!) years ago. Then I just never got serious about making the parts. Now with the accessibility of 3D printers (plus a lot more disposable income and time, thanks COVID...) IT HAS BEGUN! Poor printer is running non-stop making the armor components curtsey of MoeSizzlac.


Beautiful right? Now here's this ugly mug

IMG-0989.jpgIMG-0990.jpg Front and back shots in a perfect T pose. That helmet is V.1 made from 8 parts poorly assembled with just a quick spray of black. Shirt, pants, belt and plate carrier all came from amazon for about 110$. Going to FINISH THIS FIGHT regardless of cost, just completing a life goal. Hoping to link up with others in the Colonial Reg. when its finished for whatever cons or events happen.
We all start somewhere indeed! Keep it up and you'll have your ODST suit before you know it :) Looking great so far
Progress is moving right along! Had some issues with the helmet v2 stupid printer loves to layer shift for no reason :confused: BUT I think with enough sanding and filling and sanding and filling and sand....it can be saved. IMG_1055_photo.jpgIMG_1063_photo.jpgIMG_1064_photo.jpgIMG_1065_photo.jpg
Not too pleased with how the back is lining up with the rest of the helmet something with the scale must be off? Helmet is at 102%-103% and the back is at 101% yet doesn't fit right in, maybe with more of that sanding, worst case I print another. Sadly the helmet is on hold till the end of the month waiting on the visor to come in from SeanBradly Studios. Want to test fit all 4 parts before I comit to gluing it all in place. Have some small disk magnets for holding the back of the helm to the rest of it
That bad boy there is one of the thigh parts really going to test the limits of the Ender 5 Plus using alllll the build volume. Same idea here with the magnets and some buckle straps.
Been a slow few days here, nothing really noteworthy...Printers been humming away next to me non-stop. armor is nearly complete just the large parts to split and print. Pesky forearm and shin bits are *just* too big for the Ender 5 plus. Probably going to redo the helmet and try 1 piece again, got some larger nozzles to cut down on print time, the visor came in though not impressed with visibility. Have ordered different material to try and make my own. On track for a first test fit in mid-March and then to begin painting.
Promise to upload some more pictures next time!
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