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Hey all,
Anyone else watching Heroes? I can't wait for the next episode, they always achieve keeping me thirsting for more.

*Also please say if your gunna discuss anything that may be considered spoilers to anyone not up to date, thank you*
I love that show!

it's the only TV that has ever sucked me in bad enough that I actually look forward to watching it when the episode comes out on mondays.

usually I just wait for the DVD to come out and then rent it, if it's good I buy it
i watched episode number 1. its cool i guess. im TRYING to watch it with my girlfriend but she doesn't like my house and i don't have a DVD burner so yea its pointless.
Yeah, I can never follow a tv schedule, always have to wait for te dvd or use torrents. For heroes I'm using torrents. For all those who arent many episodes in, I advise watching a bunch more, like most shows it takes a few episodes for you to get into it.
I watch it when it's on my DVD of recorded Stargate SG-1 from Friday nights.

I don't have a clue who people are or what's going on - but it's halfway fun.
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