Soft Parts Hex pattern fabric


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Since a lot of you guys sent me messages where to find the fabric I used for my undersuit I went on a search and found the original producer.

The pattern itself has the following name:
"Windham fabrics presents Bon Appetit by WHistler Studios Pattern No.#35438"

And here is a link to the producer, which leads to distributers around the world:

Bon Appetit, 35438-1, Windham Fabrics

hex pattern.jpg

Note: I'm not sure if this is the right place since it is more a ressource than a thread. Please move the thread if not fitting. thx :)


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very nice! I also caem across ya ya han black scuba hex fabric. it's raised hex, polyester/spandex. I tried looking online for a manufacturer, but i'm finding it's exclusive to Joann fabric,





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The one I use is a very thin fabric. So heat can escape very well. Although the fabric itself has no real "thickness" therefore I used it to cover foam parts with it, which are again unbearable hot.

But as you know our armors as hot as two rats in a wool sock. I recommend installing some kind of cooling system.