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Hey look, another ODST. (WIP) (Pic heavy)

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by Jimmy Da Moose, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Hey look, another ODST. *Finished Pg 26*

    Well I guess its finally time to start my own progress thread.

    I'm doing and ODST (how original). I decided to go with a custom variant. My plans for that are to use Buck's comm unit, Mickey's shoulder, a combat knife, which will probably be across the shoulder strap, and hopefully a Rookie backpack. The backpack will definitely be the very last thing I do though.

    I'm using a mix of available ODST pieces, but mainly Hugh's. Time for progress.

    The chest is the only thing I have completely finished, except for the possibility of an emblem. (by Kirrou)

    My helmet progress. (by Kirrou)


    Torso (by Hugh)

    The front, still a lot of work.

    Mickey's shoulder. (ripped by me, edited and unfolded by Ral Partha)

    Comm unit. It doesn't have the piece that wraps partway around the back, so I might do that with foam. (by nightshade)

    Finally, the standard shoulder. I might switch it to the hinged version, because this lack a lot of mobility. (by Kirrou)

    That's all I have for now. I hope to do an update about once a week.

    Attached Files:

  2. darknemisis

    darknemisis Member

    nice progress... what prog are you usin to grab the 3d files from the games ?
  3. insanetrooper

    insanetrooper Jr Member

    great work man your making some good progress!! nice clean work too
  4. JBetts97

    JBetts97 Well-Known Member

    Fantastic! Great job on everything! I have a question-

    CAN I HAZ ?
  5. Breci

    Breci Jr Member

    Awesome helmet :)
    I love your work ^^
  6. spartan005

    spartan005 Well-Known Member

    looking really good man keep up the good work
  7. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Your work looks great! Please keep us updated!
  8. o Mr Chief

    o Mr Chief New Member

    Nice job. I could never do that good lol
  9. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Thanks for the input guys. The chest piece is actually the first thing I ever bondo'd, and I'm quite pleased with it. I hope to finish the helmet by the end of next week. Also, I just finished cutting out one of the thighs.

    Alteration. I think I searched it on google.
  10. Toacrabman

    Toacrabman Well-Known Member

    Nice, i think you could make that ODST shoulder into a hinged one.
  11. Carpathia


  12. Bountyknight

    Bountyknight Member

    were did you get your visor from dude its nice color of blue
  13. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Awesome, thanks for the file.

    The color is Testor's transparent blue spray paint. I got it at Michael's craft store. It works great and you can see out of it very well. If you use it thought, be careful, its very runny.
  14. Bountyknight

    Bountyknight Member

    can i see pics
  15. mitch81292

    mitch81292 New Member

    The visor is also nicely shaped, is it tempered to shape?
  16. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    I made a vacuum former. It was fairly easy and cheap. The mold was made from the visor cut out, but it was smoothed down a lot. I'll post some pics tomorrow after school.
  17. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    Finally some updates!







    The torso half finished. I just wanna do a little smoothing to the front before paint.

    Thanks to Hugh for the awesome files. The stomach plate is by Kirrou because I already had it assembled when I saw Hugh's files.

    Also, a view from inside the visor.

    Attached Files:

  18. parkinator

    parkinator New Member

    cool good work and nice battle damage
  19. Smiggly


    Great work! I would definitely recommend making the shoulder hinged. Without the hinge, every movement is harder than it needs to be. Keep up the fantastic job!
  20. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    I did cut the shoulder in half, it just needs a little more would before I put the hinge on.
  21. S1l3nt V1p3r

    S1l3nt V1p3r Well-Known Member

    Hmmm... Impressive! Thinking of using Hugh Holder's pep files to continue my ODST build as well. ;)
  22. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    The chest core is totally finished.
    There is a gap between the chest plate and the core along the sides because I used Kirrou's chest with Hugh's other files.

    Spine plates! These turned out really well. Its hard to see due to the combination of a bad web cam and the fact that everything is painted black.

    Attached Files:

  23. Mensrea Prod

    Mensrea Prod Member

    Chest is looking great so far. Hughs files are the best.
  24. Liamthedevastator


    Can we see a photo of the visor from a frontal point of view? I'd love to see how it looks.
  25. Jimmy Da Moose

    Jimmy Da Moose

    This is the best I have for now.
    I took the visor out of the helmet so I can finish it. I'm want to have it finished by Sunday, so I can get a good picture of it then.

    Attached Files:

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