Hey who knows about 3d printing

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ok i was wondering about 3d printing does anyone around the 405th have any info about 3d printing cause i got a way to get models for it, but i need to know if anyone has a way to get it done so to speak if not owell but if you have info in this topic put it here ASAP cause it will be great, cause we or who ever has a way to get one or have one witch i don't think they will but if so EPIC contact me asap reguardless ( typo <<) but it will be great full to have something here for it
3D printers are expensive and rare. I know one member here has one but it's small. What you might want to look into is a CNC router. Essentially it carves a 3D model out of a block of wood foam or plastic. It should be able to use similar models. Several members here have CNC's and you can build them fairly easily.
Hmmmmmmmm... there are different types, there is an affordable cute 3D printer called the "Cupcake CNC" printer from Maker bot that is based here in Brooklyn, NYC.

For $650-$1200 you get one that you build yourself and it's also a self replicating machine :) It's cute and it has a small print area (only 4inx4inx4in), and it uses ABS plastic, and they're constantly upgrading the technology ,and they have different types of extrudes (they have one that even does icing for cakes etc). Nice group of guys and a good intro into the world of 3D printing. I don't how well it would work for costuming big pieces, you may be able to do it, but for small little accessories with good detail it's AWESOME!
I've seen some news on 3D printing on CNN a while back. It is mainly used by architecture firm and industrial companies because of the high-cost. Not sure if it will work with what we need to do. The models that get generated may not be used for molding from the looks of it.

Here is one video I found on YouTube.
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I don't how well it would work for costuming big pieces, you may be able to do it, but for small little accessories with good detail it's AWESOME!

QTF. 3d printing is not necessarily the appropriate tool for this application.
I can tell you this...
3D printing is very expensive. We use it all the time for work. We made these gauntlets and hand plates via Stereo Lithography (SLA). Both gauntlets and hand plates cost $2400usd. Of course, this all depends on wall thickness, whether you run them in high or low resolution, materials, etc. CNC'd foam from a vendor can be nearly as expensive as well.
My experience with 3d Printers: I took an AutoCad class my freshman year of high school, and we had a brand new 3d printer. I believe ABS plastic was used for the model. Myself and 2 friends created a scale replica of a warthog (about 6 inches long) with moving tires and turret. Sadly, the Hog was misplaced by my teacher, and the files we created were deleted afterwards. Had I known that this site was around 2 years ago, I would have saved the files to my computer so everyone could see... Ah, the perils of high school.

As for the 3d printing goes, from my experience, it is a fun, relatively simple process small scale, but I wouldn't recommend doing anything too large because of the high price point that the materials cost. The largest I would ever go if I were to take that class next year would be handplates or something about the size of the Carter attachment / Hardened Uplink Module.
There are many types out there and of course they come down to what you want to spend. I am purchasing one of the RepRap kits with the idea of making the little bits and pieces my kids break on their toys. From the research I have done the pieces these lower end DIY kits can make can create some very nice parts but as for full blown props you need to upscale tremendously. On the same subject a lot of the great craftsmen on here have made beautiful props from CNC machines which are not a 3D printer as the topic is looking to discuss but in the same realm of fabrication objects. One of the turn keys out there is the CarveWright CarveWright.com - Advanced Personal Desktop CNC Systems which is very nice and starts about $1600. And of course there are a ton of DIY setups out there ( Build Your CNC - CNC, CNC Router, CNC Router Kits, CNC Machine Kits, Laser Machines, CNC Machine Tools, and CNC Cutting ). Anyway just putting in my two cents for the community...
thanks guys my buddy has really hd models he wants made this way that are for this and i was hopeing i can get one done or something
I know a few things about 3D printing. My machine "Lopez" isn't a 3D printer though. He's a 3-axis CNC, and a pretty low-level one at that.

3D printing can be expensive, yes. As BishopX mentioned, it depends on a lot of variables. If you spend some time googling it, you can find plenty of outfits that will work in very small orders. Even then, the process costs some cash (plus shipping).

I know that sounds disheartening, but here's some food for thought: if you adjust for inflation, the cost of a small, stand-alone, 3D printer today is about the same as the cost of a laserjet printer in 1985...

So it's only a matter of time before anyone and everyone could have a rapid prototyping machine sitting on their desk.

Regarding building big pieces, check this out: http://inhabitat.com/3-d-printer-creates-entire-buildings-from-solid-rock/ These guys have built a 3D printer that can make habitable buildings!
I don't see the cost of 3D Printers or CNC Machines going down in price anytime soon as long as businesses can charge $80 and up per hour to make something for you.
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