Hi! I am new here and i would need some help!


hello everyone, I just created my profile and i'm a bit lost.
i would like it if some of you could anwser some of my question.

-1st. What are the rules/guide-lines, or where to find them.
-2nd. How do it work around here, i know that in the 501st you need to do some time in diffrent convention and stuff, so is it the same around here?
-3rd. Is there other people from Québec/Montréal here?
-4th. Is there like groups or divisions in the 405th?
-5th. at wich point are you an official member of the 405th?

good thing is that i allready have an armor (Master Cheif halo 4/5 mark IV) and i want to do more cuz it's anwsome to build stuff! :)
so yeah thank you so much to take your time to awnser a noob like me XD


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Hello, Zachary and Welcome to the 405th! To answer your questions, there is a thread for New Recruit FAQ. It should answer most of your questions. There is also the Membership FAQ which will also help. I would suggest reading both of those for a strong start.

Answer 1: Our rules and guidelines are explained in the 405th Costuming Club Mantle.

Answer 2: No, you do not have any requirements to become an active member. If you want to make an official appearance at a convention with other 405th members (known as a "Deployment") you need 90 days and 50 posts and have to be 18 or older. (which is explained in the Mantle) If you do not meet those requirements, you can still go on your own, but not "officially". I think you can still attend group events if you do not meet the requirements.

Answer 3: Yes, we are a worldwide organization. There are surely members there.

Answer 4: We have Regiments, which divides members into groups based on locations. These help members meet up at a certain location within your country/state.

Answer 5: As soon as you sign up, you are considered an official member, but you are considered a "new recruit" in order to make posts in other sub-forums besides the "new recruits" sub-forum, you need 90 days and 50 posts.

I hope this helps, and happy building!


thank you very much for your time, all of this is very helpfull and dagnit i'm only 16 i cant join i regiment yet XD


so basicly i can be part of a regiment, but i cant ask to go whit them out for event until i'm 18. is that it?


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Hi Zachary and welcome to the 405th!
mblackwell1002 pretty much summed up the answer to your questions. Once you reach all necessary requirements to join the Canadian Regiment, feel free to contact me and I'll get you set up.
We have a few members in the Quebec region, and even more across the country. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask myself, or anyone else on the forums :)

Glad to have you on board, Spartan!
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