Hit With Nostalgia, You Should Be Too


Saw a post from Bungie that the old halo.bungie.net is going to be shut down soon, so I decided to go check it out for nostalgia's sake. And let me tell you, almost teared up when I saw my old Reach character model. And I still use that emblem TO THIS DAY, and it started here. You guys should do it too! Here's me back in the 2010's:

Screenshot (129).png
Screenshot (131).png

Definitely makes me want to do a Reach build. This game was the first time I truly felt in it, you know?

Omega Weapon 7

New Member
I honestly forgot this was going away for good back in February, but I had my closure still.
Good ol' "Exalted Mythic Member" was a fun little title to have.
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