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ok well im searching for the best prices for the HJC gold visor, and i noticed they had different sizes.... do these sizes mean they're bigger/small than each other or just shaped slightly different for different motorcycle helmets?

the most prominent one i've seen is the size that fits AC 12 & CL 15 helmet, is that one pretty much a "fits most" size?

i scaled my suit for someone 5'11", if anyone scaled to the same size can you tell me which HJC visor size you bought? i have to order it by tomorrow to get it by the weekend to install it before monday..

any help understanding the sizes would be good.
I ordered two and they both fit. These are the sizes that you can look for in HJC

HJC AC-11 AC11 CL-14 CL14

Most of the visors from HJC will work. The main difference is the way they mount to the HJC helmets. The rathcet mech is a bit different but the sizes are all pretty close.
I purchased an HJ-07 (Fits AC-11 and CL-14 and CL-MAX) and it contours well to the inside of my helmet. I'm 5'6 with avg girl size noggin.
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