Hmm, Maby a new leak on the H3 story?

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I just found this picture, and I think it may have some information regarding a halo buried under earth.

NICE!!!!!! However, one could argue that the pylons (or w/e you want to f-ing call them), are too few in the Halo 1 menu texture pics. But, I agree with your find. Interesting..... :Steve:
Well, I wouldn't say it's one of the Halo's, because when 343 showed all 7 of them up on a holo-pad thingy, none of them seemed special, except one, which had a a line coming off of it, and going to a box with blinking red letters in it, which I surmised to be the one destroyed in Halo: CE. I think it's pretty obvious that the structure is The Ark. You know- remotely detonates the Rings. The fact that it has similar markings doesn't make it a Halo, it just means that it was built by the Forerunners.
i believe that earth is the key to all the halo's thats why the covenat attacked the humans in the first place
Na it's not a halo, but indeed it is most definetly the ark. I rewatched the H2 ending a few time and it made sense. Great find though
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i believe that this is a possibility

scientists have found the earths diameter to be

through equator 7928 miles; through poles 7899 miles

halo's theoretical diameter is roughly 6213.699494949499 miles.
source wikipedia may not be accurate.

you have all been silenced by section III ONI and are not to speak of this again, to any troops EVER.


/end file/

/scramble-destruction process enabled/
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my theory is that Earth is one of the shield worlds and that is why the people of Earth were not destroyed when the halos were first activated
MY thoughts summed up(in green)

Pretty much I think they fired at the earth to uncover it making a crater, thats they the road ends and every thing is scorched and theres a parrellel/perpendical mt range, note that they make a circle curve on the side you can see.

ODST General said:
my theory is that Earth is one of the shield worlds and that is why the people of Earth were not destroyed when the halos were first activated
That seems pretty likely, too. Because remember the (SPOILER ALERT) Series of concentric rings and the fins coming out of the side at the center of Onyx? looks kind of like that structure, don't you think? (END SPOILER ALERT)

S053's theory seems pretty good too.
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and if you are crazy like me on that halo 2 soundtack there is a sub track called road to val or something which is now outside the present city of mombossa. and by the time of halo the two will be one. which gives the location of this structure.
maybe it is part of a halo, like th ark,
or where the forerunners most advanced technology was placed before they died.
or maybe that is where the forerunners live or died,
maybe albert einstine was a forerunner :Steve: :Steve:
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