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hey have any of you ever tried to make your own game ever? id like to try i think i have myself a good idea but i dont know any thing about programing or the game art or where i should start

any good sites that could tell me how to get started would be helpful and i know where i could find some one to do the art sort of...

any help for a begging at this would be VERY VERY Appreciated maybe even a mention in the credits? if i can get that far ! :bigsmile:


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making a game is a huge PITA. id start with MS visual Basic to get your feet wet in programing. then move on to LISP, then Java. You can go to C or C++ if you really want, but that requires you to micro manage your CPU and RAM usage, where as Java starts you off with like 300 lines of code to monitor that.

Dark Rogue

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I use Game Maker, and from what I remember it uses (basically) a much simpler version of C++. It's good if you have absolutely no programming experience at all. It's pretty simple once you learn code.

I plan on making the move to a different programming language eventually, although I mainly do graphics in the games my team and I make.

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I would highly reccomend using Unreal Engine. It has spawned so many variant games of many genre's.
Like red orchestra, many xbox games like gears of war, alien swarm, Unreal, unreal 2, Unreal tournament 2003/ 2004, unreal tournament 3.
I have used this for years, the architecture of the game envirmanet can be built fairly fast with very low CPU and ram usage. Everything in the game can be customized, from the very game fundamentals to just the weapons it really up to you. You can watch the tutorials on it, for free on 3dbuzz. the Unreal engine 2 is a free download.

Ive seen mere mods to the UT game, all the way to marble games in 3rd person made form this. Its a good program to get you started, to get used to working in a 3d environment.

It comes with the game Unreal Tournament 2004 which you can pick up very cheap nowadays.


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thanks for all this help guys, and i was thinking about trying to use the unreal engine but i dont know what exactly it is for and i still need to learn code but i dont have room in my school schedual to take a programming class there until next year so u know where i could learn code? and would it be alot more expensive to use unreal enging 3 ? or is there some sort of problemb with that one so it doesnt work very good? because i recall reading an article in my EGM magazine about a game company that was sueing unreal because they only got like half the engine? idk i cant remember.

again thanks for all your help people i may come here for ideas if i cant think of what should happen next in the story line XD