hoodster31 ODST first build


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Hey here is some photos of my ODST build that I used for MTLCC2022. I'm thanking of making a modified/improved version of it in which I'm thinking about mixing the halo 3 and reach ODST design together. if any one has any tips or suggestions please let me know thanks.

20220710_131042.jpg 20220713_130920.jpg 20220713_130913.jpg 20220713_130802.jpg 20220713_130835.jpg 20220713_132156.jpg 20220713_131053.jpg 20220713_131229.jpg 20220713_131033.jpg 20220713_131306.jpg 20220713_132214.jpg 20220713_132231.jpg 20220713_132246.jpg .


Good job ! Looking forward to the changes you make on this build and seeing it in person in the future :cool:
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