"Hot" Helmet Variation. Literally...

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This is the only helmet vaiation we won't be able to make. Unfortunate...its "hot"<a href="http://www.blogsmithmedia.com/www.xbox360fanboy.com/media/2007/10/flaminghelmetftw.jpg" target="_blank">

Its a helmet variation available exclusively to Bungie employees. Grrrrr.
Before we know it Paris Hilton will be claiming copyright infringement.
i dont see a defference betwen that and the hybusha i think its called one except thefire.. and how would you make it any way
Thats the whole point its on fire. Its a flaming hyabusa helmet. I guess you could make it if u set up a propane burner system. Then u'd be a hot head. God there are so many puns for this. I gt stop. haha
Master Chef said:
Yeah the fires sorta lame. They shoulda done like a blue plasma field or something.

a halo over their heads would have looked the coolest. a literal angel halo.
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thisismadness2 said:
wow u are not to bright there jsut fire behind him my gosh it not a special helmet

theres several other pictures of this helmet, and i assure you its not just fire in the background. ive seen a shot of a player in mid air with an energy shield, on an interior stage. he had a flaming ninja head. ive also seen a screenshot of the back of one. its real.
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Before you call someone not too bright, why don't you do some research. Someone who posts insults for no reason is not being bright. There are multiple pictures of this helmet online and has been confirmed by Bungie. So you were saying?
blinkava44 said:
there is another type of armor that only bungie can use.

Click here

so yeah check it out.. i would love to have em both

There is a rumour going around bungie's forums that you can unlock that armour.
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P32 said:
There is a rumour going around bungie's forums that you can unlock that armour.

yeah, i've been keeping up with that too..

verryyy interesting.
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this is really old..... Fire is for bungie only employees, and so is recon srmour, you cannot unlock it because bungie said so in one of their updates sorry to burst your bubble but its true. :cautious:
The flames on the player's (bungie) head are activated when they put on a chest piece very simular to the eod armor. So, you can basicly wear any helmet with flames on it. But none the less, only bungie has it. :mad:
Flame = Bungie employee, they can change their helmet styles too, they don't just have to use the Recon helmet.
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Not enough to talk about I guess! :eek:

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