How do I access drafts?


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I was mid way through typing a very extensive post, and decided I wanted to finish the rest later. I used the "save draft" button to save my progress.


The next day I was able to access that draft by hitting the "post thread" button. I made more progress then saved again. It has now been a few days since then, and I have time to work on the post again. However, when I try to access the draft by hitting the "post thread" button, the draft does not come up. Is there another way to access drafts besides the "post thread" button? Do drafts expire after a certain period of time? Could this be affected because I logged in to my account on a different device? I think I will have to re-type my post :(

Thank for any help you can give!
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I've found once that a draft I was typing was deleted. I can't remember what triggered it though - I almost have a feeling I went to finish the draft on another device, which loaded a blank draft and autosaved over the original.
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Hmm. I've never used the saved drafts feature, but I use Chrome on Samsung and find that it often saves what I've typed in comments, even days later, without doing anything.

If I need to save a new thread post though I copy/paste into a word document (or post it note on my phone) . This is only a good solution for text.
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