How do I paint?

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I'm not sure where this goes, but how do I paint my armor like the people at Nightmare armor do?



Their armor looks different than most paintwise.
lookig at the pic i'd have to say go with airbrushing the armor. probably 4-7 layers including the primer.i'd do 2 layers of primer grey then white, a metallic base (color of your choice), then a flat version of that color, the metalic one again, and then one to 2 coats of clear coat
4-7 seven layers seeems kind of excessive, but I know that Nightmare would do that if it made the armor look better.

I believe that Nightmare used Automotive colormatched paint... I did the same when I made my armor. It did require A texture coat, then a primer coat, then a mettalic underbase, then the translucent mettalic green.

Also note that Nightmare airbrushes shadows into their details, and does a very heavy clear coat afterward.
hmmmm........go to your local craft a bucket of paint.........and throw it over your armour :Steve: .......joking you probrably have to airbrush it.......
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