How do I size down armors


Jr Member
Alright, first get your own measurements, how long your forearms, shins, etc are. Then either apply that in armorsmith or in pepakura and adjust the files accordingly


Jr Member
Use loctite liquid super glue to glue things together, reinforce the back of seams with hot glue, I recommend using snap off blades for superior grip and change blades often.


One thing to note is that you can't save with the free version of pepakura, so if you change the 2D layout, make some screenshots to find pieces easier later.
For foam, a sharp knife is absolutely necessary (I use a carpet knife and xacto blades that I just sharpen often, they last quite a while that way). Contact Cement is good for glueing foam too as it sticks quite strong (if it's the right kind) and is flexible.

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