How do I test the size of the arm peices and should they fit perfectly?

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I remember someone mentioning in the faq that posts without pics will be deleted. What if my question doesn't need to have pics?

Anyway. How do you guys go about testing the forearme peices for fitment? I'm 67in tall 135 lbs. Using pep, I created one at ratio 18 that is way to small for my hand to fit through, but it would be just shy of snug on my wrist if I could get it on. So I created the other arm at 23.75 and the muscle area is WAY too big. Also, the wrist looks like it might fit, but I'm not sure if cutting it to test before applying resin would mess it up.

I was thinking maybe I could glass the one that fits, then slice it together and use velcro to attatch it? But is there a better way?


...oh yeah, since I don't want my thread to get deleted, here's a tenative pic of my helmet.
you could try foam on the one thats big. i did that. it makes it look loike your buff. it fits nicely with foam padding.

EDIT: here's my pic!

So, I guess the idea is that it's better to go a little too big than too small? Has anyone done a clamp on style suit? (besides the chest piece, which i've seen)

I'll do a search for foam, but what kind did you use? I was thinking, after it's glassed, of maybe wrapping my arm in some thick layers of plastic, throwing the peices on, and filling them with expanding foam to get a nice ergo fit?
The deal with pics is that people want to see what you are talking about. Posts with a question are fine without pics, unless they would help show what exactly your question is about... but there are too many threads of people announcing they will make a suit or saying they have made the most amazing discovery that will revolutionize costuming, but they don't have pics for proof. It just ends up being a useless thread.
Guys keep the spam down please, maybe this is why the thread was deleted before.

Just read the pepakura scaling thread, scale the peices to your height and you will be fine, I did, and all my peices fit.
One thing you can do, is find a piece on the armor that you know where it goes (look at the model), and then place a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 (or whatever medium you are printing on) over your hand/body part. Scale until the piece you are looking at seems appropriately sized on the preview

Or just print the whole thing out on regular paper and see how it fits, then go back and do it on card stock.
AoBfrost said:
Guys keep the spam down please, maybe this is why the thread was deleted before.

Just read the pepakura scaling thread, scale the pieces to your height and you will be fine, I did, and all my pieces fit.
Who do you think you are? There's no spam in this thread, just a friendly conversation in which every post so far has been useful. Get a sense of humor. I've never posted a thread on this before and I've not had anything deleted either. In fact, the reason I know that threads get deleted w/o pics is because I've read every sticky and faq in the main and pep areas. (Which is probably more than most new people here can say)

I've read the scaling thread from start to finish and understand it well, but the pieces seem to be coming out too big even at my exact height. (ie without the 2-3 in added). Did you guys have to trim the hole for your hands? It looks like I'll have to cut it if I'm ever going to get my hand in there. So far, I'm going to keep plugging along, I figure it's easier to shrink pieces than expand them. I'm more concerned with wasting time than cardstock. (trying to get this done by saturday night.... ugh, wish me luck.)
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Ok, here's the chest piece @23.75. I couldn't get it over my head until I loosened the collar a bit.

The sides are really snug.


here's the bicep @24. Is this too big??


and the forearms, @ 20 & 23.6385. see how big the 23 is, but The wrist hole still looks tiny. Is this how it should fit? Since I'm trim, should I just go with 24 or 24.34 on everything?

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