How do you attach the chest to the back??


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Hey everyone! So I am almost done creating my power source, all back pieces, shoulders, and chest so I am now really starting to think of the best way to:
1.) get in the armor
2.) attach it all together for easy travel and transport
3.) make it secure without showing straps

I have the rest of the armor figured out. It's this piece that I am struggling with. Should I just half it? Clam shell it? Do I use magnets? Velcro? Snaps? Please help me guys. I have some ideas, but like to know from those who have already tried and tested different methods to see what works best.
Thank you all!

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I'm going to try to do my chest and back with strong magnets. I saw someone else use them on another cosplay. If you are rocking a hard-shelled version (3D print or resin), magnets work well. In softer versions, because they move the magnets can fall out fairly easily.

The magnet method of assembly is basically put the backplate on, lean against a wall, and attach the front plate to keep it in place, getting it off is a solid tug. The downside of magnets... eventually they lose their charge and you have to magnetize them.