How do you carve details?

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By the way I understand it, you carve a weapon out of a few layers of cardboard, then put details, and resin/fiberglass-Paint and such.

My question is:
How do you make those deep details? Those ones that go in deep into the weapon, or make some areas of the weapon lower than the rest of it?

Like notice how some areas are deeper in than others? Like the top of the rifle sticks out and below it is deeper in?

Is there a certain tool for that? Like a boxcutter that scoops? Well thanks for the help I guess, if I could only understand whats going on I can make my stuff.
Look at it another way. Don't try scooping out cardboard....but instead, adding cardboard.
So....the middle piece shouldn't be scooped out; the top piece should have an extra layer of cardboard.

Other than that, just grap a razor blade or Xacto knife.....and carefully carve it out.
Ah, that seems very logical. But what about rounded pieces? Like the barrel or flashlight section? Do I just cut a rounded piece out of cardboard with some x-tra large hole punch and just use that?
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