How do you install the visor??

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I just got my visor but have no clue how to put it in. Is there a tut already??? Yes i looked, and used the search box, didnt find anything.
It would be nice to know
What to use to put it in
What step to put it in
Any general tips on it


I dont want to litter the main forum with this kind of a post, so someone please answer
will cutting it to the right shape make the gold peel??? and also, its already damn near the right shape, would you reccommend hot glueing it in, or fitting it, and using big corks to mount through the holes???
also, when do i need to do it, i have all the resining done, about to do fiberglass, already used great stuff on the brim peice
cut the ends off the visor because it is no doubt too wide. leave the top and bottom perfect, (after all painting but before padding ur helmet) put the visor in from the inside, hotglue,caulk, or sometime of silicone it in.
its close the exact shape i need, with the execption of an eighth inch roung section on the top, where it just curves up slightly, i was planning on sanding that off... and what do you mean cut off the back??
taking pictures right after this post...
This isn't really what you asked but thought I would interject. Before finally installing my visor I lined the edge of the opening with "door edge" as you can see in this photo. It's cheap stuff for automotive door edging at Wal-Mart or anywhere else. Then I hot glued it in. It makes a nice finished edge... I did the same thing for the opening on the bottom (where you put your head through) so when I put it on there is no sharp edges. Looks like I forgot the top edge on my visor opening.

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ok, here are the pics......




well sir first you need to fiberglass and bondo everything, then cut the neck piece so it fits your head, you will also need to remove quite a bit of the black in the jaw area and overhead jaw area, then you will have a large opening to fit the visor in from behing. after which you can just hot glu it in. I would use the door sides on yours so it looks like a clean edge (btw i use these to finish the bottom of my helmets also) I would also cut down the sides (remove the edge with the holes). you can make the bondo/resin/fiberglass areas thicker where you want to attach the visor if you wish to use screws but that is really above and beyond what is needed.
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well i needed to buy the visor this early so i can have it for this weekend, i know i cant put it in yet, i know about all the peices i need to cut out, then fiberglass and all that, but hot glue seems to be what everyone suggests, just sand down thte top and then hot glue once ready???

also, this is the visor, a better pic
really thats all you need it's just costume armor and the hot glue will hold it in place fine trust me I make alot of helmets

Notice the hot glue inside
ohaple said:
ok, will do, just got a couple more steps..... im not looking forward to the fiberglassing........

It's really not all that difficult, I actually found that if you buy the fiber cloth, cut it into 6-8 inch strips about 2 inches wide, mix your resin, than dip the strips into the mixture and kind of let the access run off the strips it makes it a lot less messy and is also a bit easier to work with. Just don't spend too much time laying the cloth in or your resin will start to harden then you'll have to make another batch. Good luck! :]
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When you are ready to attach the visor, I'd recommend hot glue too. I started off trying to use an epoxy but it proved too messy. Hot glue holds well and it's easy to clean up any excess with your fingers.

My visor was a close fit but not didn't curve quite the way I need it to. I covered a stone with cloth and sat it on top of it while the glue hardened. It held it in place and forced it to a nice close fit. I could have trimmed the edges but elected not to since it wasn't interfering with anything. When I installed the padding into my helm you couldn't even see the edges of the visor anyways and it gave me a little niche to put my lights.

Fiberglassing isn't technically difficult it's really just messy and smelly. (kind of like the guys I live with...)
Just make sure to wear the proper safety gear and have lots of disposable gloves.

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