how do you make a gold tinted visor you can still see through?


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Plenty of suggestions. You could vacuum-form the shape out and use a special mirror tint, you could spray the colour on...
Don't spray the colour on. It is much easier to just apply window tinting films to achieve full unimpaired visibility. Most other methods create a haze on the visor you will have to see through. Colour tint on the outside and mirror tint on the inside will only slightly darken what you see and colourise it, no avoiding that but its a better solution then loosing visibility to paint particulates on the visor


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If you can get Old winder tint film to work on a EVA lid . Ill bee amazed.

Vac form with PETG allreaddy makes quite a mess of the optical qualtys of the plastic .

spray is not the problem per say but the particle size and its solvent ect.
rattle can stuff is not gonna work as well as a proper spray gun.


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I do my visors like that. Halo 3 visor didn't have any hexagon, so have it even easier.
Make a fitting form. Then buy a car light tinted film, best orange or orange+yellow and one-way-mirror-film used either for cars or windows. Cost? around 5$?

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