How do you plan your builds?


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I've seen quite a few different ways people plan out and/or track their build progress, so let me just ask

How do you plan or track your builds?

I like to use a Kanban board on a site like Trello with images, checklists, and labels so that I can have a single source of truth for everything I need. Want to look up that ref photo while in the workshop but there's no computer? No problem the Trello app is on my phone and usually has pics on the card for each story.

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 2.16.25 PM.png

Example of a board at the beginning of a build


Section of same board with example photo shown


Example of a card without checklist(s)

I know some others create calendars when there's a specific timeframe to complete things or others use a hand written series of checklists.
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A website is such a great and easily accessible way for build logs. I feel like its so much easier to organize and move around thoughts. I type up my build logs through Google Docs, and create everything from a table of contents to a reference section. This build book is easily customizable and rearranged and I can add to it as I go. I'll end up printing it and putting it in a binder for contest / reference purposes.


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I use the same planning methods I used in school and continue to use in university.

That is, winging it ;)

Not entirely though - I just don't plan nearly as much as you guys. I have a corkboard on my wall where I stick reference images for current projects, I write some ideas down in books and have folders for patterns. When it comes to a professional commission though, I take it more seriously and plot things out in MS Excel.


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Yea I am sure with experience or if you are just built different :lol: it gets easier. As someone who is pretty new to the building process it def helps to label things in a step-by-step process to keep organized.


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I just kinda pick my suit and find the files. Then it's one piece at a time with pep. Once I have a few things pepped move on to some hardening while pepping the next stuff. Kinda keep a flow going. Some things I am working on strapping, some things are drying outside while other things are getting pepped. Usually wait to paint until I have a few things ready. I do keep a list on my phone of the next few steps, but it's more so that I can check stuff off and feel productive than keep track of anything... And it gives me something to do when I'm bored at work or w/e. I try to keep my stacks of paper in the printed order and separate from any of the other random stacks of paper on my desk, but I don't really organize or plan things very often...

In terms of keeping track it's mostly just trying to remember to take pics for my build thread... I don't print stuff that often so I haven't been very good about my print log (although I do have one).

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